Marc Jacobs was today embroiled in controversy over his latest ad campaign involving Dakota Fanning and the unfortunate placement of a perfume bottle.

Deemed to be ‘sexually provocative’ by means sexualising children, the Oh Lola! ad campaign has now been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority. Their decision was based on the context of the ad, Dakota’s body language and the obvious location of the perfume bottle.

Shot by Jeurgen Teller, resident Marc Jacobs collaborator, the campaign was launched months ago. However, Cody Ltd, the perfume’s distributor, has received no complaints about the campaign thus far.

While there is cause for concern with this campaign, it’s not the only recent controversy surrounding minors in the fashion industry. French Vogue found themselves seeped in controversy earlier this year when an editorial featuring ten year old model Thylane Loubry Blondeau was deemed to be promoting the over-sexualisation of children once again.

While the fashion industry has always been shockingly fashion-forward and lax with societal norms, the over-sexualisation of minors is a trend that cannot catch on.

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by Meghan Costelloe