Us ladies, as fashion obsessives, will take all and any trends, make them our own and adapt them to our own personal style. When a man does the exact same thing however, we as fashion ‘experts’, are incredulous.

Again, harping back to the boom in sites such as Lookbook and Stylelikeu, the proliferation of amateur styling has become more mainstream. As such, men are now taking more of an interest in fashion styling. Even though it isn’t often well-received, it’s interesting to note that styling is now becoming more important on the whole.


The simplicity attached to a man in a good suit is possibly the most attractive thing a man can wear. Nonetheless, men cannot spend their days in tailored suits because we approve. The Style Scout and The Sartorialist should be a go-to-guide for all stylish men on lessons on how to don this season’s trouser shape, without fear of ridicule.

Another thing also taken for granted is that the trends donned by men on the runways of metropolitan cities are models. Tall, strapping, chiseled male models. Not to criticise at all, but we are not a nation of chiseled, exotic looking men.

It is also worth noting that the creators of many of the trends we love are in fact created by none other than men. Does that mean they should dress equally as trendy as their female counterparts? It’s a tricky subject, one that if applied in Milan or London, there would be no question whatsoever. How and ever, when in Dublin, florals or silk chinos just don’t quite fit the bill on ordinary Joe bloggs.

Images courtesy of Style.com and WeHeart.it

by Meghan Costelloe