Having been a fan of kitsch Irish blog Glamrocks since it launched in November 2009, it was imperative that I speak to the girls behind the blog itself when word reached me that they were to launch their very own magazine. I spoke to Louise from the vintage-devoted blog abouttabitha in the week of the upcoming launch.


First of all, did you ever think that the blog would become such a success?

I honestly sometimes forget that people may read it! We never do posts just for the sake of it. Ever. If we do a post on something [it’s] because we genuinely want to. It began as something that was for ourselves and over time, people started going on it and leaving comments! We were pleasantly surprised. It’s nice when people react to things that you have an interest in. It has been a fantastic foundation for what we love to do which is styling work, running our vintage shop & now having a magazine.

Your vintage shop is also called Tabitha, is there a special meaning behind that name?

One of my all time favourite shows as a child was ‘Bewitched’ and the little girl in it is called Tabitha. It’s just a really sweet name, we think anyway!

Where did the idea of launching a magazine come from?

It was the next step I think for us! There are so many ideas we have for it, so many things we want to do. There is an abundance of talent in this country and we wanted a platform for people to show off their work.

What was involved in the setting up of Tabitha magazine and who is involved with the magazine at the minute? Can anyone get involved?

Currently there are 3 editors – The two of us [Louise & Una] and Shane O’Connor. Shane is also our photographer and graphic designer. We knew who we wanted to feature in the first issue and luckily everyone we wanted was on board to be in it! It has been an 8-month process, funding was something that held us back a bit because we were really keen to have a printed version as well as an online version of ‘Tabitha’. Luckily we were very lucky to have our magazine funded through the organisation fundit.ie. We are currently looking for contributors for Issue 2 so if anyone is interested please drop us an email at lovetabii@gmail.com!

What are your long-term goals for the magazine?

Our long term goals for the magazine are to have a constant project to work on. We want to expand out and work with as many people as possible. Ireland is pretty ‘cliquey’ and it can be hard to break into a certain scene or whatever. We are not like that, we would love for people to approach us and to use Tabitha as a springboard to get into fashion. We have some ideas for the magazine but can’t confirm anything just yet.

Will the magazine be your main focus from now on, or are there any major plans for the blog in the works?

We are also launching our new website lovetabii.com to coincide with the launch of the magazine where there will be a link to the online version of the magazine and we are re-launching Tabitha vintage! We will most definitely continue blogging – we still really enjoy it three years later! There will be a link on the new website to the blog.

How is this magazine different to other Irish publications such as Stellar and U?

The main difference between us and other magazines is that we are three non-professionals trying to tackle everything from writing articles, editing content, sourcing ideas, graphic design, web design, etc., without any training and without any budget. It’s been a massive learning curve, and hopefully we can improve with each issue. We want the content to be as original and as locally sourced as possible, using our own images as much as we can. Because we are doing it for free we probably have a bit more freedom than other magazines, to say what we want and feature what we want.

Most importantly, when will the magazine be available to the public and where can we get our hands on it?

We will be distributing the magazine on the 29th & 30th of January and currently the lovely public can pick up their free copy in Whelan’s, The Village, the Cake Cafe, Dirty Fabulous, Fanci Schmanci Vintage, Fluorescent Elephant and a few more places around the city! The full list will be available on our Facebook and blog very soon!

Tabitha Magazine is launching Saturday, 28 January, in The Bernard Shaw. All are welcome to pop in, for more information, see Tabitha’s Facebook page

To check out Glamrocks for yourselves, click here & here for lovetabii.com

By Meghan Costelloe