KARL LAGERFELDKarl Lagerfeld promised us that we were soon to see him as never before. Such a statement coming from one of the most influential creative directors of the past few decades seemed unlikely. In the last year alone, Chanel shows have taken the form of a fashion feast, a Pan Am inspired air line and in the most recent instance, Lagerfeld sent his models down the runway of a crystal grotto with embellished eyebrows. Forgive us, for thinking we could be shocked no more.

However, Lagerfeld has just starred in an editorial for French Elle which hits the stands tomorrow. Save for that iconic silver pony tail, he appears unrecognisable in a variety of every day situations. I love the incongruity of his austere presence in such mundane places!

The notoriously weight conscious designer, fond of the odd controversial statement, remarked

“It’s the first time I’ve stepped into a supermarket. It’s crazy – fascinating what one can buy. There’s enough here to easily gain 20 kilos.”

By Freya Drohan

Image: Elle.com