Individually Jess and Stef have showstopper, vibrant style but as a pair they have double the impact.

How Two Live is an eclectic Australian fashion blog run by sisters Jess and Stef. Individually Jess and Stef have showstopper, vibrant style but as a pair they have double the impact. Their concept of styling in pairs and simple poses immediately make you smile and make you want to be part of the action. Among my favourite posts from this dynamic duo are … I am easily won over by bright colours and pineapple prints.  They have recently ventured into vlogging and gifs adding a new more interactive dimension on How Two Live.. Among their busy schedules Jess and Stef have also created their own shoe line in collaboration with Windsor Smith an Australian footwear website.  Their line consists of 5 statement platform shoes that will be the highlight of any outfit including holographic, multi-coloured sandals, creepers and transparent platform brogues. You can purchase these shoes on either or on My favourite is the flounce, bringing back a 90’s kid, pink floral pattern, Birkenstock shape sandal with a jazzy white platform. Fresh to death! From being judges at fashion shows, shooting fashion campaigns and travelling worldwide for fashion week, it’s easy to say these women have lives and wardrobes to envy.  They were nominated for the Cosmo Fun Fearless Female Awards and are clearly deserving of such a title considering they even attempted breaking world record wellie throwing! This powerhouse, brunette duo know exactly how to make fierce fun. I was fortunate enough to get an exclusive interview with the pair and a quick insight into their style aesthetic and what makes “Melbournian” style unique.


1. Why did you decide to blog together rather than individually?

We’re really close, so we thought starting a blog as a twosome would be something fun we could do together. And now that the blog has grown and is slowly taking over our lives, we’ve been given the chance to work together too, which is amazing because it never feels like work!

2. Do you ever dislike each other’s style choices?

Very rarely one of us will like something and the other one won’t. We can think of maybe two or three times this has happened…

3. Do you follow trends?

Not strictly. If we think a trend is cool, we’ll adopt it because we like it, not because it’s a trend. And at the same time we’ll never avoid something specifically because we think it’s too trendy.

4. Do you think people in Melbourne/ Australia have a unique style?

Yes, definitely! Melbournians have such varied style; you can pass a trend fiend, a seapunk, and an uber hipster all in the same street. When we were in New York recently, we were surprised to find that we felt like we were getting a lot more ‘what the hell are they wearing?’ stares than we do at home. In Melbourne people embrace the crazy, and we love it!


5. Do you regret any style choices throughout your lives? If so what?

Style is so personal and something you can really have fun with, so previous choices are never something to regret, because at the time you probably felt awesome in what you were wearing. That being said, we did go through a stage of excessive Havaiana-wearing that we probably wouldn’t choose to relive!

6. Do you think you have a particular style, or do you fancy a bit of everything?

We love changing it up each day to the next.

7. Are the clothes or the accessories more important?

Both equally important. Clothes are the cupcake and accessories are the icing – you can’t have one without the other!

8. Will you be designing more shoes with Windsor Smith again?

Windsor Smith is one of our favourite Australian labels, and we’re continuing to work with them in a number of ways, so we’ll see what happens in future.


9. Would you like to design jewellery/ clothing in the future?

Yes it’s something we’ve talked about, and we’ll be looking into it more once our schedules ease up a bit. So watch this space.

10. How would you describe Irish style?

We haven’t had much exposure to Irish fashion, but we met a few Irish girls at NYFW and they were incredibly stylish! We have a work trip to England planned for the end of the year, so hopefully we might be able to sneak in a visit to Ireland while we’re there!

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By: Maud Honner