We’ve put together a list of your ‘7 Secret Must-haves’ - what you will need in order to survive any college trip.

A huge part of college life is the social side of it. Walking in to clubs and societies day with hopes of joining something that will increase your IQ or improve your chess skills almost never happens. It’s the excitement of making new friends, going on unforgettable (or forgettable) nights out and planning crazy trips away with all your new-found friends.

‘Mystery’ trips are often extremely appealing to students. Why? Because, well.. I guess it’s mysterious? You’re handing someone a certain amount of money, you all gather at the airport, open an envelope to see where you’re going and hop on a plane. It’s quite surreal.

But along with all the excitement comes the anxiety and panic of having packed the wrong suitcase altogether! You find out you’re going to Poland in the middle of winter and you’ve packed for Spain: mini dresses, bikinis and sunglasses were your planned weekend attire and now you wish that you had packed those fluffy socks, winter coat and tights.

SO to plan for more stress-free, fun times and less panicky worrying, we’ve put together a list of your ‘Seven Secret Must-haves’ – what you will need in order to survive and thrive on your college trip!



This is an obvious one. After every great night out is the doomed hangover following, and these trips usually have planned outings so you don’t want to have a banging headache while you listen to the sheer torture of some tour guide rambling on about the best museums around. Take a panadol and hope for the best!

Tights and a nice guna


Tights for the obvious reason – it’s probably going to be cold. And a dress because, if you’re packing light and feeling a little bit lazy, it could double as a daytime and night time outfit (shhhh, no one will know!).


Perfect to accessorize any plain outfit, keeps you warm and can also be used as a pillow case if the hotel/hostel you stay in is slightly below preferred hygiene standards.

Umbrella & sunglasses

Just so you can be that one person with a smug smile on your face whipping out your umbrella when it starts to lash and your sunnies when everyone else is blinded by the sun.

Towel, Sanitizer and Wipes

For the same reason as the scarf; hygiene, hygiene, hygiene! You’re more than likely going to be staying in a shack full of rats and cockroaches. Okay, not quite, but be prepared for a cardboard box and you might be more than impressed with where you actually stay!                                                image

Satchel bag

A satchel bag is my best friend when I’m away, sad but true. Especially when you’re in a foreign country, you don’t quite know what the place you’re going will be like so you’ll need to have a really secure bag. Better safe than sorry!


Last but certainly not least, bring a camera to capture all of your memories! You’re discovering a new part of the world with no ‘parental supervision’, so go wild, take tonnes of pictures and enjoy your trip!

By: Amy Simpson