There’s been a time in every girl’s life where they’ve thought “My only option here is to shave it all off.”

Well, don’t go reaching for your Dad’s razor just yet, because here is a step by step guide on how I revived my hair from its overly bleached, frizzy and straw-like texture to sleek, silky and smooth.


1) The Right Shampoo

First, hop into the shower, rinse your hair and massage in Garnier’s Ultimate Blends – The Sleek Restorer. This shampoo is specifically for dry and frizzy hair but the Ultimate Blends range consists of a wide variety of shampoos and conditioners for all hair types so check out which one suits your hair best! All shampoos contain different nourishing properties but I usually prefer to go for one with Argan Oil or Moroccan Oil.

2) No Knots, No Frizz!

Next step is conditioner. I’ve been using Dove’s hair therapy conditioner for intensive repair, and boy has it worked! Lather this conditioner and rub it into the lengths of your hair. Then grab your tangle teaser or comb and slowly brush through the lengths until it’s all knot-free and soft. Then, without tousling your hair too much, rinse the conditioner out and gently pat your hair down with your towel. Avoid being rough when towel drying your hair as it can lead to further damage.

3) Nourishing

You can either leave your hair to dry naturally or blow dry it. On both occasions always use an Argan Oil spray on the lengths of your hair. I even suggested this to my roommate when she complained about her hair and she loved it! An alternative is to just buy a bottle of argan oil and pat it into the lengths of your hair but be careful not to apply too much as it may make your hair appear greasy! It’s also a very low budget product and for me, works better than so many high end products I’ve previously invested in.

Your hair should be in much better condition now. The products listed aren’t mandatory as I’ve done the same procedure with different products, these are just the ones that I have personally found most effective. Although I do believe that skipping the Argan Oil would be a big mistake as I have found it gives maximum results!

Hope you all find this effective and you can now enjoy your luscious locks!

By Sheena Khublall