Being unfashionable can require nearly as much time and energy as it does to be a trend slave. With this full proof list of wardrobe staples you can be freed from the shackles of chic.

Tracksuit Bottoms.

An absolute necessity for anyone dedicated to the cause of comfort without style. Whether or not you plan on engaging in physical activity is irrelevant when it comes to this choice of leg wear. In fact, you are just as well donning your trusty trackie when your plans for the day involve nothing but you and a comfy sofa. From fleece to waterproof, the colour and fabric options for tracksuits in virtually limitless, let your personality be reflected in their baggy form. Only a short hop, skip and jump away from pyjama bottoms be careful not to let this lazy trend spiral out of control.

Denim with Deliberate Holes.

I will never understand how proper jeans can cost the same price as jeans with holes in them, that’s just blatant, shoddy workmanship. The same rule applies to denim jackets and skirts. Surely having great, gaping holes in your skirt may be slightly too risky though, even with the goal of winning ”least fashionable classmate” in your sights. You wouldn’t wear a top with massive holes in the sides would you? Actually, maybe we need to talk about the cut- out trend…

Too Much Trend

Going head to toe with anything is always a sure fire way to be so fashionable it’s unfashionable. Whether it be double deniming like the fifth member of B*witched, the leopard print trend of 2010 or the fluorescents of 2012, un- fashion means doing them from top to bottom. If you take on a trend with so much enthusiasm that it makes up your entire wardrobe, accessories drawer and shoe collection it is official and you are a tackolicious hackobag. Congrats.

County Colours

Be both unfashionable and patriotic to your home county. Win- win. You can even take this a step further and kit yourself out with strips of English football teams. Ready to wear with your new O’Neills track suit or your jeans that are already torn to shreds, it’s so unstylishly versatile it’s hard to believe. Just remember ladies this one isn’t just for the men in your life, you can wear your Supermac’s sponsored Galways jersey with your Aztec leggings. (Anti- Style Tip: Try wearing your leggings as trousers!)

There you have it fashion-phobics, a capsule wardrobe of clothes that few will admire.

By: Aoife Rice Murphy