The 90’s are back with a bang.

The 90’s are back with a bang. Iggy Azalea, most famous in recent times for her hit song “Fancy”, can certainly take some of the credit for the revival of the “Clueless” wardrobe we see on the highstreet. The music video, with currently over 322 million views on You Tube, is awash with the bright, ostentatious regalia that made “Clueless” such a resonant 90’s classic and a source of inspiration for designers today.


Zoyka tartan crop top and skirt,

First things first, bold checked prints are essential to this look. The famous yellow skirt and jacket Azalea reincarnated was the catalyst to the sea of tartan in shops and online.

While canary yellow might be a little too daring for everyday use, has some great pieces that incorporate a slightly paler palette, such as this baby pink set. For a looser interpretation of the style, this grey tartan skirt is extremely versatile and will go with the essential black tights we all wear once October hits.


Isobella monochrome tartan A line skirt,

If you want to bring the tartan trend into town on a night out this cute playsuit is perfect. The collar makes it classy and typically Clueless-esque while the cutout ensures it’ll fit into the club scene. Cher Horowitz would be proud.


Ashlee tartan collared cutout playsuit,

Another standout 90’s reinvention is the crop top- skirt combo, made even cooler by the fluffy pink wool they’re made from. Valley girls at the time couldn’t get enough of the pastel look and this set by Missguided is a really modern interpretation of the style.


Ashlyn fluffy knit co-ord set,

Finally, if money is tight with Christmas approaching and novelty Halloween costumes needing to be bought, this look can be emulated through low cost accessories. Small touches like a velvet scrunchies, some adorable socks or a statement (and typically furry pink) bag can do wonders for look and add a subtle touch of “Clueless” to your everyday style.


Reena grey kitten ankle socks,

Kena dogtooth knee high socks,

Silver velvet scrunchies,


Basic pink fur bag, Stradivarius

Alice T-bar flat pointed shoes black,

 By Rebecca Lumley