Alana Laverty shares her pick of the fashion A-List that you should be following on Instagram.

Blogstagrams are the new black. These days everyone and their mother are on Instagram so here is a list of the fashion A-List that you should be following.



First up is the queen of fashion weeks across the globe, Chiara Ferragni. Author of both the book, The Blonde Salad, and website, Chiara has over 5.8m followers on Instagram. Her snapchats are incredible, with views from a new city nearly every day. Whether she’s reorganising her closet in Milan, chilling with a glass of wine on the roof of her house in L.A. or eating avocado toast with Anna Wintour, she’s definitely one to follow.



Erica Choi is the digital art director of Barneys New York. If that sentence wasn’t enough to make you follow her I’m not sure what could. Her feed is mainly black and white, except her meals which she puts vivid filters on. Her most recent posts are from Palm Springs, California where she dropped into Coachella, pictures from her vanity table in Manhattan and a snap from the beach in Santa Monica. Check out to see her work with luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. She focuses on e-commerce, interactive, social and marketing solutions for elite brands across multiple platforms. She is one cool lady.



Founder of and creative director of her own fashion label THPSHOP, Vanessa Hong has one of the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram feeds around. Her followers see beautiful Vancouver through her eyes. Coffees, clothing and yoga. She portrays her life in a minimal, simplistic fashion.



This blonde blogger travels the world with an average of 4 outfit changes per day. If you love clothes, you’ll love Charlotte Fisher and her blog www.things A lover of pastels and pink, her latest trips include Santorini and Cuba. Originally from the Isle of Wight she recently moved to London and her pictures of the city would make anyone jealous.



Last, but definitely not least is Man Repeller. This hilarious website has an equally hilarious Instagram. If you aren’t familiar with the site, they describe themselves as “A humorous website for serious fashion”. With over 1.3m followers, you would wanna be one.

By Alana Laverty.