Michelle Martin meets Irish blogger Louise Cooney, DCU Communications graduate and former editor of the Look Magazine. 

This article appeared in the first 2016/2017 issue of the Look magazine

On the Monday morning before we meet for coffee, before I had even woken up, Louise Cooney had already posted an outfit entry on her blog and shared it with her 33.2k Instagram and 1.7k Twitter followers, with a time stamp of 7:54am.

Originally from Limerick, Louise lives in Dublin and works a 9-5 PR job with Tourism Ireland, all while running the Blog Awards 2016’s Best fashion blog.

“I had two shoots this morning before work” she tells me (not mentioning the entry) “I literally have minus time at the moment.”

Much like the baby pink jacket she’s wearing, Louise looks gentle and sweet, but behind the long blonde hair and big green eyes is a self-assured and accomplished girl, with the determination and brains to conquer whatever she sets her mind on.

“I wish I had more goals in college because once you decide you want something and you put your mind to it, you can actually do it. When I was in college I was a little bit afraid to go after what I wanted in case I didn’t get it but I had so much free time in college, I wish I had started my blog then.”

Louise graduated from DCU in 2013 with a degree in communications. “I definitely wanted to get involved from day one”, during her time in DCU Cooney was an avid member of the Style Society, being the editor of the Look herself in her final year. “God it’s so hard to remember now!” she smiles.

She then went on to study for another three years in Dublin Institute of Technology, bringing home a Master’s degree in Marketing and a Post-Graduate Diploma in International Business Development.

In 2015, deciding to add to her growing list of certificates, she enrolled in Teen Vogues Fashion Industry Essentials course at the Parson School of Design in New York, and wrote about it for the magazine itself. How? How I asked, does a twenty-three year old Irish girl living In the Big apple come across an opportunity like that?

“I was friends with a guy who worked there, I was just lucky” she recalls. Louise had a perfect chance to speak about how cool of a gig it was, a prime bragging opportunity, but showing her true character, she started to speak caringly about friendship.

“We [her friend at Teen Vogue] met through mutual friends. I think the best connections I’ve ever made have always been my friends because I get on with people who I have people in common with and then I’m happy to help my friends and they’re happy to help me.”

Only a few weeks back in September Louise travelled to Disneyland Paris to work on a campaign for Primark (aka Pennys) with her ‘gal pal’ and fellow Irish blogger, ‘lovelauren’, as well as two British youtubers. She has admitted to being homesick for her friends and family in a past blog post ‘Long Distance Relationships & Homesickness.’ Personal relationships are an important part of her life.

“There’s some people I look at and think, they have such a nice social life, they’re really good, they get to see their family all the time.”

Perhaps this is a factor in her future plans, in five years’ time Louise doesn’t know where she’ll be or what she’ll be doing, but she’s confident that she’ll be settling here.

“I would be open to travelling again so we’ll see but I want to live in Ireland when I’m older, didn’t always know that but I know that much now.”

Coming full circle to Teen Vogue, she mentions that she wasn’t paid. Her mystery friend thought for that reason, she wouldn’t want to do it at which she laughs, “I was like Oh my God, I’ll pay you to do it!”

By Michelle Martin