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Demi Lovato is constantly on our radar lately between her new music and ever changing style. Every day, she is constantly giving us more and more reasons to drool over her.

However, she hasn’t always been so ‘on point’. She first appeared on our television screens in 2008 as a Disney Channel darling who wore converse with dresses. Since then, times have changed and her new-found sense of killer style has taken the world by storm.

In her Camp Rock days, the Disney starlet was all about layering and mixing prints and fabrics. Her style was sweet and innocent with a rocker chic edge to it. She constantly shows her own personality through her style, even from the early days.

About a year into her stardom, she had made a name for herself. Always wearing black and a pair of converse. So, she decided to change it up. Lovato started adding in aspects of colour to give her wardrobe a new edge. She started branching out into pink dresses at premieres and suddenly high heels never left her feet.

However, In 2010 when Lovato announced that she was taking time off her career to get treated in a rehabilitation center style was the least of anyone’s concerns. Upon her return to the limelight, her mood change and happiness within herself was reflected in her style. Her confidence was inspiring and exuded from within. From here on, her outfits became more indie, flowy and relaxed, with her long curls becoming the envy of girls everywhere.

The Skyscraper singer came back with a bang and took on every opportunity that was handed to her. From tours to The X Factor, her style again began to shift and her edgy streak that once was began to make its comeback. This time, however, she started pairing leather with bohemian styled skirts and dresses. Denim and studs arrived on the scene and and she started becoming an icon on in the pop world.

In 2014, the flannel shirt  phase was at its peak and Lovato took full advantage of this. Leather was her official go to and she incorporated her love for leather into her bohemian style.

This phase didn’t last long and soon enough the Confident singer showed us all her confidence by taking a new approach to her style and opting for a more sophisticated look. In the last year or two, Lovato has been experimenting with a more mature style. Incorporating structured dresses, pencil skirts and tapered trousers into her everyday looks.

Not only was her more glamorous looks being noticed but her emphasis on health and fitness in her life really came into play in her fashion sense. So much so, that the Sorry Not Sorry singer announced a collaboration with sportswear brand ‘Fabletics’ earlier this year.

Demi Lovato’s style has come a long way since she first started, it’s had its ups and downs but she has come out on the other side looking better than ever. Her style radiates from her personality and what she wears lets us know who she is and what she’s about.


By Ellen Fitzpatrick 

Image credit:  enews online,