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Portuguese model Sara Sampaio is next to join the #MeToo campaign,  naming and shaming those who commit sexual harassment in the workplace.

“ I want every model and every woman to know they have the right to make their own choices about their body and image”.

In a multiple photo Instagram post, the in-demand model recalled a recent experience on a job for the French men’s magazine Lui, where she claims she was “aggressively” pressurised to pose nude.

Sampaio states that she agreed to be on the Autumn cover under the strict agreement that she would not be posing nude.

“My agency and I insisted on having a clear agreement in place to protect myself in order to the control the choice I made around not being shot nude.”

However, even with this agreement in place, Sampaio claims that throughout the day she was constantly questioned on her decision asking why she “didn’t want to show her nipples or go fully nude”

While looking at the final images, the Portuguese model noticed there were some accidental exposures on areas she wished to be covered. When she addressed this, she was assured they would not be published. However, Sampaio alleges that the publication published these images against her will.

“While reviewing the final images taken, I noticed that there were accidental exposures with parts of my body that I didn’t want exposed. I spoke up and was assured that those images would not be used. The magazine lied and proceeded to publish a cover image of me with nudity, which was in clear violation of our agreement.”

“ Many times I was shown nude images of myself as examples to coerce me into posing nude” and when she voiced her discomfort she was “criticized and judged as being difficult”.

Sara and her agency are now taking legal action against the magazine, “what they did to me is unacceptable. I feel violated, mistreated and disrespected as a professional and as a woman”.

Worryingly, this isn’t the first time an incident like this occurred for Sampaio. She continued on in her post saying she was “bullied” like “ so many other models “.

The model who is notably famous for her work in the lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret claims that while she is comfortable with her body and being nude she “ has the right to show [her] body how, when, where and for whatever purpose [she] chooses and when [she] makes that choice, [she] expects to be treated with respect and professionalism”.

Sara Sampaio ended the post encouraging others to speak out in an industry where these stories are far too frequent.

“ As models and as women, we need to stand together and demand the respect we deserve. We have the right to make our own individual choices about our bodies, our image and our lives.”




Tess O’Connor

Image credit:  Instagram: Sara Sampaio