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Irish photographer Ronan Gallagher spotted two young Irish traveller sisters in his hometown in Co. Clare at a local fair, and chose them to be the subjects of Stella McCartney’s newest #StellaByKids website campaign.

Gallagher decided to use all the children from the same Traveller family from Ennistymon, Co Clare in his “off moments” display off the kids collection by Stella McCartney.

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Gallagher is a renowned travel and documentary photographer, so with the nature of this documentary series of photos, it suited him well. Recently, he has made a name for himself in the fashion industry, and has worked with Gucci, Kate Moss and travelled with UNICEF.

The two sisters are dressed in the faux-fur jackets at the agricultural fair in Gallagher’s local town, in a very natural state. He wanted to capture the children in their natural element, as he thinks they are very “charismatic” to look at.

When he spoke to the Irish Times, he said the fair “is nothing new or exciting for the locals but every time I have been there I have seen an abundance of interesting characters. There is a group of kids who regularly attend this fair and I thought it would be a great opportunity to photograph them for this particular project.”

Gallagher added that working with these charismatic children was “incredible”.

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He wanted to document them just going around the fair, and said the children were delighted to be involved. “One of the older kids was very interested in my job so I gave him a one-on-one lesson,” he said.

These photos have a very unique style, and I think you can really see the essence of these children with stories behind their eyes. Each child has a unique look, and there is a lack of softness about them, which you don’t often see in children’s fashion campaigns.

A lot of children’s fashion campaigns have kids with perfect hair and perfect skin, and what is interesting about this one, the children are presented as they are- it’s raw.

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Alison Rothwell

Image Credit: Ronan Gallagher, Irish Times & Irish Independent