FRTN Baby Blue Shirt - €20

Meet Ireland’s newest streetwear brand, The Fortune Black Label.

Founded by two cousins, The Fortune Black Label was created after they noticed a lack of authentic streetwear in the Irish fashion industry. “We were constantly talking about clothing labels and always bought products off them over the years, but we weren’t 100% satisfied with what we got most of the time. So we thought to ourselves, ‘we can definitely do a seriously good job as a clothing label’,” they exclusively told theLook.

The name came about after a drunken night out in a casino in Liverpool, where one of the founders was on tour with a band. “The next day “The Fortune Black” was written down in notes on a phone. We threw ‘label’ on the end because we don’t want to limit ourselves to apparel or clothing, we like things to be open-ended,” the brand explained.

Currently available on their website is their first collection, ‘Scene 1’. The standout piece is the beige t-shirt with their logo embossed on the front in vibrant red, and a cascading collection of roses on the back. The other, a muted baby blue t-shirt with a block of black on the front and ‘FRTN’ written on the bottom. The collection is student budget friendly, with prices ranging from €15-€20.

collage fortune black

While the label believes streetwear has been embraced by many worldwide, Ireland is still warming to the idea of it. “We feel like Ireland hasn’t hit the point where streetwear is the go-to just yet though. It’s growing which is great to see, but we’ll see who really wants to make waves over time,” they said.

“T-Pain summed it up pretty nicely- ‘just because you went and got your logo printed on some shirts does not mean you own a clothing company’ – we feel that’s Irish streetwear in a nutshell right now, but it’ll improve no doubt. Shout-out to everybody out doing their bit”.

When asked about the inspiration behind the label, they admit they try to take all ideas on board without looking at anything specific. “When it comes to designers, it’s stating the obvious but Virgil Abloh is killing the game. That bloke is a straight up genius, anyone who doesn’t feel even the slight bit motivated or inspired by how he moves is just a hater. Jerry Lorenzo is cool too, we enjoyed his whole back story- party promoter turned designer, living the dream!”.

As for the future of the brand, so far they’ve ignored their ‘five year plan’ due to the success of the launch. “Scene 1 was all about getting ten toes on the ground and the name floating about with minimum product. Right now we’re looking at making Scene 2 to set a bar for ourselves and really show we’re here to stay,” they said.

The future is unclear for The Fortune Black, but one thing’s for sure- their risky breakout into the streetwear scene adds a wave of fresh air to the Irish industry.

You can shop their collection via their website here.

Rachel Farrell

Image Credit: The Fortune Black Label