There’s nothing quite like the eclectic style of the ‘90s era. There was the plaid preppy looks inspired by Clueless, the Britpop streetstyle of trackie bottoms, parkas, and mountains of Fred Perry, to the grungy looks of delicate slip dresses paired with chunky Doc Martens.

The versatility of the ‘90s may be the biggest reason for its revival now. It has a pick and mix quality about it that fits into anyone’s wardrobe.  While there is some nineties trends that are definitely best left in the past, it’s safe to say that the return of the ‘90s is a trend that isn’t going anywhere fast.

Fashion, just like history, definitely repeats itself, and thanks to vintage shops such as Nine Crows and Tola Vintage, the best 90’s looks have never been so accessible.

After years of the ‘hip-hugger low rise’ and circulation-stopping skinny jeans, denim has revisited the ‘90s and the Mom Jean is now bigger than ever. The comfortable pants sit perfectly at the waist and flares out slightly at the hips giving you the perfect hourglass silhouette. There is a tonne of variations available in stores now, from seriously distressed to colorful and embroidered. This trend works so well because it can be worn with anything. Pair it with a leather jacket to toughen up your look or tuck in a blouse for a prettier feel.

The 90s (and Sporty Spice) took tracksuit bottoms out of the gym and onto the streets. Now, athleisure is everywhere. This chic trend merges business smart and sportswear into one. Many brands have caught onto the trend too, such as Puma with their Fenty by Rihanna collection including the ultimate 90s throwback of ‘popper’ track pants. It’s obvious why this trend has worked – it’s stylish while remaining comfortable and can be worn just about anywhere.

90s style and the iconic slip dress go hand in hand. An essential for Kate Moss back in the day, the slip dress is the ultimate cool-girl dress. It’s ultra-fashionable and ultra-versatile. It can be worn on its own or layered over t-shirts or chunky knits. Short or long, plain or patterned, paired with heels or converse, this throwback dress will have you looking like an off duty model whatever the occasion.

It’s not just clothes that have gotten a 90s revival but accessories too. Forget about the oversized sunglasses that cover half your face, nineties eyewear was all about one style and one style only – the round frame. This style has hit the fashion scene hard. Whether it’s a sleek pair of metal-framed prescription glasses or tinted lens sunglasses, round-framed glasses are the easiest way to add a touch of 90s to your look.

No 90s look was complete without a choker. This essential trend is back with a vengeance and can be seen on the catwalk and the high street and everywhere in between. The choker trend is so wearable and works well with nearly every neckline. It’s the perfect way to add that final flourish to your outfit. From leather to velvet, pearl or lace, your options are practically unlimited.

More than twenty years later, 90s trends are as popular as ever. Take inspiration from the it-girls of the time such as Kate Moss, Courtney Love and Winona Ryder and recreate their looks in an updated way.

Whatever way you decide to wear the trend, one thing is for certain – 90s fashion is back with a bang and more stylish than ever.  


Amy Murphy

Image Credit: Amazon