The Look DCU

The Look is a fashion, culture and lifestyle magazine published by students of Dublin City University.

Day: 5 February 2018


The social supermodel

The modelling industry has undergone a drastic evolution over the past twenty years. The industry consisted of what most of us saw on America’s Next Top Model: Go-Sees, runway, photoshoots and beauty campaigns. This has been the norm of the […]


A world without labels

In September, department store John Lewis announced that they would remove the ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ labels from their children’s clothing and instead opt for gender neutral labelling. The move received a tidal wave of mixed reactions online. However, the brand […]


The beauty of drag culture

Inside the dressing room of Trianon in Paris, drag superstar Katya shows the camera crew around. “We have the girls over here- there’s Michelle, Sharon and Courtney,” she announces. “Okay, here we go,” Katya sits down at her chair and […]