Packing for a trip is a nightmare. With strict airline requirements on bag dimensions and weight for carry-on bags, some of your beloved pieces will ultimately get the chop.

This doesn’t exactly help when you’re planning to look fresh on your holidays. Nobody wants to reuse the same outfit and with the huge popularity of social media channels like Instagram, this feeling is amplified. Wearing the same hoodie and jeans won’t fly.

But what do you pack? Personally I start with the most basic items. With Ryanair’s new rule of letting you bring on board a small bag, packing the basics has never been easier. Use this small bag to pack all your underwear and your wash bag,. This immediately clears up a ton of space in your main ‘carry on’ bag for the real deal.

You should then focus on the staples, the ‘mix n’ match’ pieces which you can reuse on the low. For me this would be around three pairs of jeans of different washes, black is a must and then two denims. A decent coat is also key as you can throw it on over your tee/jumper to create a whole new piece.

With your tees and jumpers, it’s important to think of how versatile they are. The more niche the piece the more restrictive it will be which means in reality you’ll only wear it once. Tees are handy, since they’re usually so thin you can roll them up tight and pack them well because of this you should have a tee a day if you’re going away for about a week.

Recently I made the mistake of packing more jumpers for a holiday than I would need. For this reason, I would recommend two jumpers, max three if you’re going to wear one getting on the plane (obviously change that if you’re heading somewhere cold). Crew neck jumpers are ideal; they look good with almost every outfit but you would also be surprised at how much space a hood on a hoodie takes up.

Packing one or two shirts is recommended, who doesn’t like to explore the nightlife of a different country? White shirts are key, they’ll go with any of your jeans while looking crisp and sharp so at least one white shirt is advised. Another shirt wouldn’t go amiss just to provide you with a backup. While it’s nice to have a choice of shirts I wouldn’t bring more than two, shirts require proper folding to minimise creases, taking up room as a result so make sure one of your tees is suitable for nights out too.

‘Versatile’ is the one word you should take from this article. Try your best to pick clothes which can have more than one combination. By doing this you can essentially double the amount of outfits you bring on your holidays just through illusion. Or, alternatively, you can splash the cash check in a bag and dress like a king, but for me I’ll stick to the 10kg limit.

Cathal McCahey.