Nobody was shocked when Suzanne Jackson announced yet another lash range, but this time in partnership with TV personality Lauren Pope. Suzanne’s lashes took the lash game to the next level because she provided good lashes at a the reasonable price of €5.95 in most Penneys branches and pharmacies.

It made it easy to get them anywhere and there’s a style to suit everyone. However, these new faux mink lashes are retailing at €10 a slightly bigger ask for your average student. They are sold exclusively in Penneys branches and they are already sold out in most stores so I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

The new Lauren Pope collection features three new faux mink lashes #BOSS, #QUEEN and #SLAY. #BOSS is definitely more of a natural lash for some day time occasion wear whereas #QUEEN is full on drama with a lot of volume and body. #SLAY provides slightly shorter and denser lashes, but are ideal for someone with smaller eyes. Both are very glam and perfect for night outs on the town.

Personally I love Suzanne’s first collection my favourite lash being ‘Sara’ so I was intrigued by this new collection. One thing I noticed with her old lashes is the band is just way too thick. Yes, these new lashes may be more expensive but the band is a lot thinner and easier to apply. Theses lashes are perfect for people with smaller eyes because these lashes really help to open them up and you won’t have to cut them in half to make them fit.

I personally find it extremely hard to apply lashes, so I was delighted to find these were actually easier to apply. Also I wore these lashes six times before I threw them out. After each wear I would just run the lash under the tap and take the glue off and they were good to go again. I know they may be slightly more expensive but are honestly worth it, the lashes fit better and you can get more wear out of them so personally worth the investment.

Lorna Lawless

Image credit: SOSUbySJ