Finding the right swimwear that makes you feel and look amazing is such a tough one. You want a good mix of swimwear- something for all occasions. You need to be ready to attend a lavish pool party, or have one that won’t give you hideous tan lines, or one for when you’re feeling a little fluffy.


I think everyone needs a flattering black one piece in their swimwear collection. It looks good on all body shapes, and is probably the most comfortable you’ll ever feel in a swimsuit. The low back and rope details are especially flattering. A must have!


This colourful two piece is a mix between Rihanna in Barbados, and Kendall Jenner in Ibiza. Crochet is something you wouldn’t usually associate with swimwear but in this case it works a charm. This statement piece with the one shoulder detailing will be flattering on any chest shape. If you have a pool party to go to this would be the one to rock.


This adidas number is giving off all sorts of sporty spice feels. I love a high leg bottom as a gal with a small waist and big hips, this style of bottoms works for me. CropTopChannell isn’t very well known as a website, but they have some great original pieces, and let’s face it nobody wants to be walking down the beach and be caught in the same bikini as someone else!


Special K ad meets Baywatch. I love red, and am a sucker for a low back on anything. At €27 this one piece is a steal!


This is a classic look yet timeless, and again has very flattering high leg bottoms. I love an all black look and think it looks gorgeous with a tan. It’s a basic style, but sometimes simplicity is all you need.


All white is made for a tan, so if you have the classic pale Irish skin it might look different to the model. This one would be perfect for a day of water sports on the beach, with a secure top and you make those bottoms as tight as you need to. Stylish yet practical!


Lime green is a colour that can go one way or another. In this instance I think it slays. This is very I’m going to the Full Moon Party in Thailand. I love the strap details under the top, and coming from the bottoms. May lead for some peculiar tan lines though!


I’m not one for just buying something because it has a designer’s name on it, but I do love this Calvin Klein number. It’s would suit any body type, and I adore the mesh detailing. Again a brilliant one for a day of activities. And for me that bikini top, could double up as a crop top!


Alison Rothwell