The growth of the beauty industry in recent years has been huge. With the help of the new phenomena of beauty bloggers, new trends are springing up every minute.

Watching tutorials by home grown girl bosses like Suzanne Jackson or international influencers such as Shani Grimmond have become a part of the daily routine for many young people. They religiously follow their content and buy the products mentioned, aspiring to their ideal of perfection.

However, it’s argued that the problem with the beauty industry recently is that it can’t be just be wiped off at the end of the day. The demand for non surgical cosmetic surgeries such as lip fillers, cheek fillers and botox have skyrocketed in recent years, with many dubbing it ‘the Kylie Jenner effect’.

The power influencers hold is undisputed. Huge amounts of young people are now qualifying as MUAs or setting up their own YouTube channel and blogs. The benefits of which are clear to see, however it is rare to go onto a beauty influencers page and not see a ‘Kylie Jenner inspired look’, which mainly consists of over drawn lips.


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In previous years, changing your looks cosmetically was generally only done by high- income earners in their late 30s who wanted to slow down the ageing process. Nowadays, women as young as 18 are changing their facial features striving to look like what they see on social media.  

“If there was no such thing as social media I never would have got them done, ever”  says Carla (22) from Dublin who has gotten her lips filled three times.


“They were something I’d always wanted but was sceptical about what people would think and I didn’t want to be judged. However, as it became more of a thing on Instagram and I saw everyone else getting them done with such good results. I made up my mind that I wanted to get them” she continued.

“Because of Instagram, especially the likes of Kylie Jenner and so many girls in Dublin doing it, it just became normal”, Carla said.

Likewise, Emma (21) from South Dublin had a similar experience.

“I wanted my lips done because the majority of my generation have theirs filled. I notice on Instagram in particular, that the majority of the girls I’d find really attractive had theirs done and it definitely influenced my decision,” she said.

However, Emma did get the procedure done for free for allowing a training doctor to fill her lips.

“Although they are something I have wanted for a long time, I probably wouldn’t have ended up getting them done if I had to pay for them,” she admitted.

Contrary to Emma, more and more people are willing to pay hundreds of euro for a new plumped up pout, with most people having the procedure done multiple times. While the results are instant and long lasting (6 months on average) for people like Carla who have a fast metabolism, the formula dissolves at a faster rate, resulting in the need for top ups.

However, as the age gets younger and the demand increases, too little people aren’t making themselves aware of the dangers and realities surrounding such cosmetic work according to Dublin-based therapist, Sophie Haine.


“When it comes to lips, younger clients want those desired big lips. However, they usually get them smaller than they originally wanted after talking to the doctor,” she said.

It’s extremely important for any medical procedure that you research and choose your doctor carefully.


“We advise our clients not to research extensively online before their procedure because they can often freak themselves out,” Haine said.


“We give all of our clients all the information that they need when they come into the clinic and they have to fill out a full consultation form which outlines any possible dangers.”

Although the demand for lip fillers is steadily on the rise, botox is still the most popular treatment according to Haine, with an increase in male clients.


By Tess O’Connor.