Earlier this year the United Nations warned us that we had twenty-two years to save the planet. Although the main responsibility is on multinationals to reduce their emissions, we can take small steps to help. Do you want to make a change, but don’t know where to start? Check out these nine changes anyone can make to become more environmentally conscious.


Slow down with the fast fashion!

We all love a payday splurge in Zara, but those new winter threads have worrying implications for the environment. From manufacturing to transportation, fast fashion outlets have huge emissions rates, and documentaries like The True Cost have shown us how workers are exploited. Head to charity shops to swipe some timeless, and ethical, bargains.


Small business is best.

Similarly, these brands are known for stealing artwork from independent designers. Search on Instagram for creatives who sell their work to get something different than the high street. Artists like Polly Nor and Tuesday Bassen print their quirky designs on t-shirts, phone cases, and more.


Invest in a KeepCup for your daily coffee fix.

A slave to caffeine? To cut down on waste opt for a KeepCup, with styles that range from brightly-coloured plastic to sleek tempered glass. They’ll keep your drink hot, prevent spills, and gain you a twenty cent discount with every purchase.


Bored of your clothes? Upcycle!

Think outside the box of ways for ways to update your wardrobe. Tired of that old denim jacket? Search on Etsy for some kitsch pins to jazz it up. Sew a patch onto those tired Levi’s, buy some new coloured laces for your shoes, or chop that oversized tee into a crop. Your clothes will have a new lease of life before you know it!


Green-ify your beauty routine.

With single-use plastic and harmful ingredients, it’s no doubt that the cosmetics industry has a detrimental impact on the environment. Choose brands like Aveda, which uses recycled packaging, or Lush, which will give you a free face mask when you return five empty pots.


It’s not a dirty word – embrace the vegan lifestyle!

We all know animal products aren’t environmentally friendly, so aim to cut down. Order the meat-free option at dinner, switch to a coconut milk latte, and buy the vegan Doc Martens instead of their leather counterparts.


Doing the food shop? Take a tote.

Heading out to Aldi? Save the few cents on a plastic bag and bring your own. Sustainable, more comfortable, and infinitely more stylish, a tote folds up so small that you have no excuse for not keeping one in your college bag at all times.


Start a capsule wardrobe.

Closet overflowing with unnecessary clothes? Go minimalist and attempt a capsule wardrobe. You’ll get more time to snooze in the mornings and spend less time spent stressing about outfits – a win win situation.


Stretch those legs and walk!

Ireland may not be blessed with Californian sunshine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the great outdoors. Put on some layers and get in some extra steps on the way to that 9 AM. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint, clear your head, and feel all the better for it.


By Kerry Mahony

Image Credit: Alena Koval on Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-s-left-hand-holding-green-leaf-plant-886521/