source BusinessTech 

Cyber week is in full swing with the main event kicking off this Friday, the 29th of November. Here are some top tips to get the most out of your Black Friday.  

  1. Be organised: decide the day before exactly what you would like to order. Make sure you have an idea of the websites you want to visit so that you don’t end up spending most of the day endlessly scrolling through websites you wouldn’t normally go to.
  1. Stick to a budget: try not to impulse buy just because there are sales on. Everyone is guilty of impulse buying at the sight of a good sale but making a budget for yourself whether that be €20 or €200 will help you keep on track and purchase things you will actually use instead of buying things just because they seem like a bargain. 
  1. Be cautious of the “sales ends at midnight” taglines that you see on many websites. Sometimes companies just say this in order to gain as many purchases as possible because people think they will miss the deal if they don’t purchase within the timeline. However from experience, many companies extend their deadlines to the next today so don’t panic. 
  1. Be aware of fraudulent sites: make sure that you only shop from sights that you know and shops that you have bought from before. Make sure that the website you are using has ‘https’ before you make a purchase on that site. 
  1. Apps are a lifesaver: clothing apps can save you so much time when you are shopping online, you can have your wishlist on many apps now which you can get ready before the sales even begin this will make your life so much easier when the sales begin. Remember that when a new sale starts on a website your basket will be emptied. A wish list is a great way of getting around this problem. 
  1. Shop local: Black Friday is not just online so if you can make sure to get out and purchase local if possible. Small local businesses will be very grateful. 
  1. Don’t forget Cyber Monday: not all the best deals happen on Black Friday. Some retailers bring out great discounts on cyber Monday so don’t be disheartened if you don’t get what you want on Friday. Keep a look out online for great deals over the weekend and into Monday. 

Remember to stay calm, do you research and get some fabulous new purchases. Happy shopping! 

By Lauren Allen