source: Herb McCutcheon

With the athleisure trend being around in fashion for a few years now, people are proving it’s possible to mix fashion with comfort however, some still refuse to go along with it. People will go to unbearable lengths by wearing clothes or shoes that they can barely move in. Fashion is becoming so competitive, especially on Instagram, so people feel the need to buy uncomfortable fashion items just to look good or feel stylish. Women feel the need to wear tight figure-hugging clothes and high heels, while men wear tight, movement restricting shirts. We have all worn skinny jeans that you get sick of wearing after an hour, designer shoes that cost a fortune that you can’t walk in or squeeze into spanx that genuinely hurt underneath our clothes. Yet a lot of people do it over and over again, all in the name of fashion.

Jeans and shirts seem like nothing compared to the trend of waist trainers. Somewhere in the 21th century we decided to take a trip back to the 18th, as waist trainers became a fashion trend. Waist trainers make your waist smaller and smaller after time, as well as make certain styles of clothes look better as their very similar to corsets and are worn under clothes. Some people wore then as they were heavily influenced by the look of Kim Kardashian, and the possibility of looking slimmer with them in social media photos. A lot of people are also inspired by celebrities when it comes to style, and try to recreate looks for their everyday lives, while celebrities wear them for an hour or two to take Instagram photos or sit in a restaurant. Pieces such as waist trainers are not only uncomfortable, but can cause bruising, breathing problems, numbness and severe skin irritation. A pair of fancy flats for example, can also look just as good as the €1,175 Louboutin’s heels, that can cause severe negative effects on your spine, posture, hips and knees.

With the amount of choice we have in shops today, it’s so easy to find something fashionable and comfortable at the same time. From a study by the University of Texas Science Center at Tyler in 2007, 50 per cent of women wear high heels to special occasions or for dinner. This showed that a lot of women felt that they looked better or more fashionable wearing heels for special occasions rather than flats. This however has changed, as fashion evolved and a lot more people are wearing runners, vans or converse with dresses or suits. You rarely see a college student in heels on a night out anymore because a lot of people can make comfortable shoes or clothes look stylish and incorporate them into their style. You can find wearing faux leather jeggings instead of real leather trousers for example, can still complete your outfit to suit your style in the same way. Breathable materials such as cotton instead of polyester can make you feel so much more comfortable, and if you shop around you will find that it’s possible to find comfortable clothes that look just as good. Fashion is about self-expression, if you take the time to swap the uncomfortable for similar comfortable clothes and make them your own, it won’t in any way take away from that.

By Kinga Piotrowska