It can be hard in the morning to find the motivation to put effort into your appearance before a lecture on zoom. Here are some tips to help you look good on camera!

Lighting is so important on a zoom call. Having the right lighting can really change how you appear on
camera. It is suggested to sit with natural light facing you. This could be done by sitting facing a window or
maybe even taking a zoom call outside. If natural light isn’t an option then place a lamp in front of you. By
focusing on your lighting it can brighten up your skin and appearance and make you more visible on camera.

To look good on zoom you should think of the angle and position on your camera. Always try and avoid a
low or high angle. The most flattering angle is eye level. When the camera is positioned at eye level you are
looking directly ahead. If you don’t have a place to put your laptop or phone to achieve eye level you could
place your device on a stack of books or an old shoebox.

To look good on zoom think about your background. You don’t want to sit in front of an area very cluttered
as it can be distracting. If you can, try to sit in front of a plain wall or area. If this is not possible you can
always set a virtual background. This is a great tool on zoom as it allows you to create whatever
background you would like. If you don’t want people seeing the room or area you’re in opt for the virtual
background setting.

Clothing I find is the hardest decision in the morning before a zoom lecture. The daily decision of do I stay
in my pyjamas, change into a tracksuit or put on jeans and a top.When deciding an outfit try to stay away
from patterned clothes and dark colours as they don’t appear great on camera. Try to wear clothing that is
bright and colourful. Remember people can only see from your waist up on the camera. Nobody will know if
you have a skirt or cute top on whilst sitting in tracksuit bottoms or leggings. Whatever you decide to wear
to look good I’d recommended making sure you’re comfy.

An easy and simple way to look good on zoom is to wear an accessory. Accessories such as long earrings,
a hairband, pairing up some necklaces, a scrunchie or some rings are a really good way to enhance your
appearance on zoom and make you feel good!

Author: Carenza Rock

Image Credit: Pixabay