The style evolution from adolescence to adulthood will always entail a variety of questionable looks. You have probably already attempted the trend of the matching Juicy Couture tracksuit and most likely went through a phase of ripped up denim with your dad’s old shirt around your waist.

Of course, it’s tough being twenty-something while still trying to find your own sense of fashion, especially with the continuous chopping and changing of what’s on trend in the fashion world. Just as you’re about to purchase those wide-leg flares, you will find skinny jeans are back in style! the cycle never ends.

However, today, fashion for us millennials has halted at a place of minimalism. As long as you have any of these wardrobe essentials, it doesn’t matter if you dress it up or dress it down, you are sure to be twenty-something and styling!


Chunky, heeled, biker, hiker you name it. Boots are, and always have been the very essence of a closet staple. No matter the weather, incorporating a pair of boots into your outfit is guaranteed to have all eyes on you as you strut down the street. Boots attach attitude to any look, as they are most definitely made for walking, by adding these to your wardrobe collection you’re sure to add confidence and posture to your outfit.


90’s fashion has evidently had its big moment this year, but on the topic of wardrobe essentials, we must mention the infamous shoulder bag. Undoubtedly the cutest trend 2020 had to offer us. Between the vintage mini’s and the original Prada bags, the shoulder bag trend is absolutely what you need to spruce up that closet. The mini shoulder bag is the perfect closet staple for every girl in their 20’s right now. It’s on trend, a classic vintage look and adds a cutesy element to any look. Pair it with any of the above and you’ve got yourself a whole entire look.

3. Staple Leather Jacket

       A leather jacket is a statement in itself. Simply adding a form of leather to an outfit can elevate it entirely. As seen on style queen Hailey Bieber, whether you decide to throw an oversized leather jacket over a casual pair of sweats, or spice it up over a fitted little black dress, leather is always a great direction to go in. Every twenty-something is destined to have a reliable leather jacket hung up in their closet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

4. Essential denim

Denim is not just the basic wardrobe staple, it’s a requirement. Denim is not going out of fashion anytime soon, and we should be forever grateful. Denim can be worn for literally any occasion. Night out with your girls? – throw on some denim. Lunch date? – throw on some denim. Taking out the bins- you guessed it…. throw on some denim! Denim is one of those wardrobe essentials, no matter how many times, cannot be over worn. Add denim to your wardrobe, you’ve got yourself an automatic street style to die for.


The chic blazer, a heaven send. Blazers are absolutely on trend right now, but let’s face it, blazers are timeless, and your mother is guaranteed to have an old gem lying in her closet. The basic blazer is the type of garment every 20-something has as their ‘go to’. Its fashion forward, smart and sexy, what’s not to love. Wear it as an oversized dress with some stilettos or add it with some mom jeans and a basic vest top, a blazer can be styled in any fashion and still turn heads.

Author: Kate Stafford

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