It seems like we’re seeing more diversity on runways than ever before but is that really enough in 2019 or should the fashion industry have done better by now.

The fashion industry might think throwing a plus size model or two into a fashion show will solve the diversity issue, but they are far from right. Diversity is still one of the biggest issues that the fashion industry is facing even with the progress made. The industry needs to look at it as a long-term way of working, instead of using ‘token’ models and that having one plus size model will silence the activists for the time being and get them some positive coverage from the media. Consumers are sick of seeing the same thing for over a decade and want different sizes, ages and skin colours. Designers should show their creativity and skill to design something beautiful for every type of person, yet even celebrities that aren’t between a size 0-2 find it difficult to get a designer to dress them for an event. If that happens to them, there’s not a hope for the rest of us. One look for a person who isn’t a size 6 is just not good enough anymore and activists Jameela Jamil, and Sinead Burke think similarly. People should have the opportunity to buy and enjoy all the styles available from a designer, and not be restricted just becomes they are not in a particular size range.

 London is meant to be the most diverse city in the world, so why wasn’t that showcased during London Fashion Week 2019? There seems to be two, three, four if your extremely lucky, places for ethnic girls on runways that make up only a small percentage of the girls in the whole show. Talking to The, Director of Curve Agency Bridge Models, Beth Wills, said “I think it is a shame because London is forward-thinking in so many ways. We pride ourselves as an inclusive, multicultural city but when it comes to British fashion designers, in particular for LFW, we see the same old beauty standards being rolled out.” Designers are the ones who will set trends and influence how the industry continues to evolve, therefore they need to face the responsibility they have.

Although this year we have seen more diversity in fashion than ever before and we should appreciate the win but can’t forget that there is still a long way to go in many different aspects. We can only hope that top designers start to lead with real long-term change and that includes diverse models not being used something designers feel like they have to include, but something that they want to.

Author: Kinga Piotrowska

Image: Photo via Twitter @nyfw