Fashion pressure might not seem like a serious concern because of everything going on in the world right now, but it has negative impacts that have been happening for centuries and it’s still happening today. Each season there is something new and trendy that everybody seems to be wearing and naturally, we want it too. Especially in teenagers and young adults, who are still trying to find their fashion sense and personal identities, fashion pressure is most often seen. With the amount of affordable shops following trends of much more expensive ones, some people feel that there is no excuse not to look trendy as you don’t have to spend a fortune.

This however does not only make people feel under enormous pressure to keep buying new things, but also makes them feel less confident when they can’t. It’s easy to be in the habit of constantly following what people are wearing and thinking about the next thing to buy in order to fit in. It can feel as if you can’t express your own personal style because it’s not trendy enough. This pressures people into constantly buying new things in order to have a style that fits in.

However, this is exactly what fashion brands want. They want people to feel like they need the next big thing every season to look good because that’s how they make their money. Teenagers and young adults are most vulnerable when it comes to this. They want to feel included and accepted by others, and this is often linked to fashion or certain trends. This can negatively impact people’s mental health as some need it as validation and don’t feel they belong without looking like their friends, others on social media, or models in magazines.

Fashion pressure can also impact finances negatively. When you buy something you usually get a dopamine rush and can use it to ease stress or anxiety. This can easily turn into an addiction. Fashion pressure can often lead to this as there is always something new on display that can be tempting to buy even if you don’t have the money for it. This makes people spend money on wants rather than needs, as they feel pressured to have the item as soon as everyone else does.

This happens a lot in regular people’s lives, but the pressure is even higher amongst people working in the fashion industry. According to a study comparing suicide rates among professions, conducted by the US Center for Disease Control, the fashion industry ranked seventh on the list.

Today, more unique styles are being praised as everyone looking the same can get boring. So, in order not to feel fashion pressure, embrace your personal style and get creative, putting a twist on trends with clothes you already have. Don’t let yourself become a slave to fashion trends and be blinded to exactly what the fashion businesses want you to do; buy buy buy.

Author: Kinga Piotrowska

Image Credit: Unsplash Utopiabycho