With fast fashion being one of the biggest problems in the fashion industry right now, online shopping is definitely not helping us cut back, as the amount of choice and discounts is infinite. Buying more than you need online is so much easier than in real life and that’s why we need to make some positive changes and follow in the steps of the shops like Beyond Retro.

Beyond Retro is a UK-based vintage and second-hand shop. They sort through over 93 million pounds of second-hand clothes per year, to keep their 8 shops in the UK and Sweden fully stocked. In order to help combat fast fashion, Beyond Retro introduced a Return & Earn initiative. This means that if you buy clothing from their online shops you can wear it for a year and if you then no longer want the item you can return it freely and get a 30% discount from the price of the original item to spend again on the site.

We all have bought an item sometime in our life that we swear we will wear again, but unfortunately only wore it to one occasion and threw it back into our wardrobe never to be seen again. This initiative is genius as it’s not only something was really needed in the market but will help combat having all the unnecessary clothes stacked in wardrobes. It will also help your wardrobe stay updated as Beyond Retro alter their vintage sometimes later their clothes to make them look more modern.

High street shops should follow as an example, as we need to change the way do everyday things, such as shopping to combat the climate crisis. Sometimes these changes don’t have to be associated with something negative. This initiative proves that creatively and willingness to change something in a business is possible, but it’s also the consumers choice and responsibility to find businesses that think of sustainability and look at more second-hand and vintage shops first, before going somewhere else just because it might be more convenient. Buying new staple items that you can wear for years and mixing them with second hand or vintage clothes should be the way to go in the future. With shops like Beyond Retro leading the way we will finally be able to feed all our shopping needs without feeling guilty, what’s better than that? 

Author: Kinga Piotrowska

Image Credit: Beyond Retro