Consumers becoming more environmentally conscious has forced makeup brands to reconsider the way they package and supply their products.

As more and more people are looking for sustainable companies to purchase their products from, the makeup industry has had to adapt.

Brands like MOB (Makeup for a Better World) have looked to the future and have developed their packaging to be “buy once and refill forever, endlessly customizable, modular, and reusable.”

“We also don’t believe you should buy packaging more than once because that is not a good deal for you or our planet. With that in mind, we designed our Earth-First packaging system to be endlessly reusable and refillable.”

MOB has created compacts and palettes that are customizable so that the customer can individually buy the products and shades that they will use.

Rachel Lawlor a professional makeup artist from Wicklow said, “I’ve actually tried to stop buying set eyeshadows palettes the last couple of years and just buy magnetic palettes with refill shadows, way less waste.”

Other brands have also begun to become more environmentally conscious, M-A-C has launched its BACK-TO-M-A-C campaign where they take back packaging to reduce the amount of plastic sent to landfill.

Lawlor said “I love the back to MAC scheme where you bring back six empties and you can get a free lipstick. How fab for recycling.”

Charlotte Tilbury’s Hot Lips Lipsticks are interchangeable collectable lipstick designs. The show-stopping cases of the lipsticks can be refilled with any of the 11 colours in the collection with an extra saving to be had.

Hannah Allen a professional makeup artist said, “There’s so much unnecessary waste when it comes to makeup products, which overall really adds up.”

By offering rewards to consumers for returning their unwanted packaging, brands hope to encourage their customers to be more environmentally conscious and create a sustainable brand.

“Having discounts to actually motivate people to bring them back into the store is also an amazing idea. Without it, I think it would be hard to get people to actually go along with the idea.

“A discount or refillable products would definitely have a huge effect on people’s cooperation with it”, said Allen.

However, without offering discounts for the return of packaging and reduced rates for refill containers would consumers still be motivated to be more sustainable?

Eva Brady a student of the National College of Ireland said, “I don’t think offering refillable products would necessarily interest me I think it would be just as easy for me to buy a brand-new product.”

“It wouldn’t matter to me if a brand was sustainable or not it depends on the quality of the product itself. I wouldn’t consider the sustainability of a product over these things.”

Author: Michelle Cullen

Image Credit: Unspalsh