Does history really repeat itself? In fashion; it absolutely does.

This time last year there was a colossal of uncertainty, we were oblivious as to what the next year would hold for us all. A year in, what felt like a life time, and finally vaccines are being administered, restrictions are easing and fashion is back and better than ever.

It is safe to say that the pandemic has affected everyone in many ways, in the blink of an eye our lifestyles and of course our wardrobes had drastically changed. It had slowed life down and with that came opportunities of reflection that we may not have realised we needed. When nights that should’ve been spent with friends turned into endless scrolling through old photos and videos just to feel a fraction of what we felt at the time when that memory was captured. Be it a day you skipped school or a lecture to go and meet with friends, a night of elation as you sung your heart out at your favourite concert or a distant memory of an evening you never wanted to end spent with that certain someone.

Regardless of the specifics, we have all been reviewing our past and with that comes elements that we may have once disregarded in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, with elements I mean; fashion. The fashion industry has evolved radically since the pandemic hit, people were and still are coming up with new and creative ways to keep fashion alive throughout what feels like the ‘End of the World’. The biggest events such as Paris, New York and Milan Fashion Weeks have become virtual, brands have pushed boundaries and have developed new images for themselves, us as individual’s have been experimenting with fashion and truly finding our ‘style’, but one thing that is back and bigger than ever expected is; Vintage.

Although vintage clothing has always been around, since the pandemic hit, more and more people are beginning to dress and shop vintage; which we love. People have been experimenting with fashion and their style since the March 2020 because we had so much time that allowed for us to get creative with some things that we might have normally looked past. Some people are thrift shopping because it is at times more affordable, it is sustainable; which means it is mindful of many environmental issues and encourages little to no adverse effects on the environment, and finally, some people shop vintage simply because it looks pretty cool.

According to a study done by this year, it is statistically shown that in September 2020, “vintage fashion” received an average of 35,000 monthly searches as well as a 104% increase in searches for second-hand related keywords. It is becoming more and more easier to dress how you wish and be who you want in this day and age without receiving so much judgement. Understandably that is not always the case but for most of us ‘Gen Z’ and ‘Millennials’ we tend to have that ‘I don’t care’ attitude which honestly helps when receiving unwanted criticism, hence everyone’s desire to be their most unique self.

Since things are slowly beginning to turn around in relation to the pandemic it’s not wrong to think that this will also impact the fashion industry. People are getting excited about the summer days and nights that are ahead and with that comes new clothes, new trends and new brands. Will more people begin and continue to shop sustainable and second hand, or will some people turn back to fast fashion for convenience? You could suggest that it will probably be a bit of both, perhaps an even balance. Regardless of where people are going to shop they are guaranteed to be joining the new trend that just so happens to be the old trend; ironic isn’t it? Both high end and high street fashion brands have begun releasing their Spring Summer 2021 collections and almost every brand and style has one theme in common; vintage.

Just like everything, the old tends to come back in style be it with music, art, tv or literature, so it is no surprise that old fashion trends are coming back with a bang. When we look at brands like Chanel, Prada, Armani, Versace and many more, it is evident that their new Spring Summer collections seem almost familiar, but in the utmost elevated way. Below we will explore the top most fashionable trends to look out for this Spring and Summer, that just so happen to have made a comeback this season.

  1. Vibrant Colours.

Bright colours were incredibly popular during the early 90s, before the grunge style had gone mainstream. Just look back at some of the outfits worn in your favourite pop culture movies and you will see the brightest colours. Chanel has taken inspiration from their 95 SS Collection and have applied the most beautiful vibrant colours to their new 21 SS Collection, as seen below. Not only has high end brands taken inspiration from old fashion trends but high street bands such as ZARA have done the exact same and have created the most perfect, affordable dupes that just so happen to be a part of the ‘Join Life’ collection, as seen below, these bright pink jeans will elevate your wardrobe and are priced at €39.95.

          Chanel SS 1995                          Chanel SS 2021                              ZARA SS 2021      

  • Patterns.

Next we have patterns and more particularly the most renown patterns to brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi and especially; Versace. Patterns have been around for centuries but Versace’s signature pattern is known as a ‘meander’ or ‘meandros’ which was originated in ancient Greece, therefore making anyone who wears it to feel like the true God or Goddess they are. Versace has been known since the 70s for its luxurious style and prices but brands such as H&M, ASOS, ZARA and more have created dupes that allows for high street clothing to feel like a high end runway.

       Versace SS 95                          Versace SS 21                            ZARA SS 21

  • Sheer Fantasy.

One fabric that is rather sexy that has dominated our Summer and Autumn catwalks and wardrobes is Sheer. With its thin thread that allows for semi- transparency; sheer is the perfect fabric for those warmer days. In the late 90s, designers were focussed solely on self-values, emotions and the individuality of the designer which led to a space of creativity with materials and fabrics, hence sheer fabric and its popularity. Designers took sheer that step further by adding details such as stitching, beading and sequences. Sheer is back in style and it is here in many different ways. As seen on the most luxurious runways to the most favoured high street brands; sheer is here.

  Alexander McQueen 97               ARMANI SS 21                     Urban Outfitters SS 21

  • Headscarves.

The headscarf/ bandana is an accessory that has been around for centuries within different cultures, religions and societies, but its stance in fashion became renowned by some of our favourites such as Audrey Hepburn, Naomi Campbell, Grace Kelly and many more. The accessory began to crop back onto the AW20 runways and suddenly has become a massive staple in everyone’s SS21 wardrobes. Icons such as Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa and A$AP Rocky have set the headscarf trend for all of us this season. Headscarves are being sold almost everywhere in every colour, pattern and design you could imagine. From high end to high street, there is a headscarf for everyone, so what are you waiting for? Go buy that scarf!

  Dolce & Gabbana SS 93              DIOR SS 21                             MANGO SS 21

The great thing about this year’s fashion trends is that there is something for everyone, be it a vintage varsity jacket that adds that little bit of 80’s edge to your wardrobe, a stunningly detailed bralette that has soared many runways and is guaranteed to make you feel flawless on those summer days or even take a wide stride in your favourite wide leg baggy trousers and make it skater or chic, the choice is yours. Like everything in life, some trends come and stay whereas some go and never return, but this year has proven that vintage is much more than a trend and is in fact; here to stay. So whatever trend you go for out of the 2021 Spring Summer collections make sure to wear it with confidence and authority because it is yours to own.

Author: Lauryn Doherty

Image Credit: pexels-genaro-servín