You’ve exhausted the 5k route, know the local park like the back of your hand, and tried to do a workout outside that one time. One thing is for sure, exercising during lockdown is getting harder to enjoy.

The arrival of the late summer evenings will soon be here which brings a chance to change up your exercise habits. Gyms and exercise places are still closed in Ireland so there is no better time than to see what gets your body and heart rate moving best.


We have all spent lots of time as kids running around on bikes, right up until one day, when they got put in the garden shed and were never used again. Now is a great time to dust them off (or maybe buy a new one) as the long summer evenings begin to kick in. Whether you’re competitive or laid-back, cycling has something different to offer everyone.

You could go for a quick 10-minute bike ride or a longer stretch around the area and both ways would still bring you enjoyment. Plus, there is a lot to be said for the fun of freewheeling down a small hill.


Yoga is the ancient art of controlling both mind and body while exercising. Although there are many different types, holding various poses and flowing through a series of movements is standard in most classes. Mindfulness and deep breathing are key features in a yoga practice. It allows you to move and become more flexible, while switching off from the world and enjoying the few moments of relaxation.


It can be a hard one to get into but running will benefit your life in so many ways. By getting out and jogging for as little as 5 minutes, your mind and body instantly feels better for it.

To get started, download a training app like Couch to 5k or Nike Running Club. These will help you to learn the basics and work on your fitness before attempting longer runs. You could even set a challenge, like having a personal best to help with the motivation.


Starting to workout at home has literally never been easier. There are lots of free videos available on YouTube and Instagram, ranging from full body to leg days. Whatever your fitness levels, there is bound to be a workout video for you. This can range from high intensity interval training (better known as HIIT) to cardio to leg day.

Whatever sport or exercise you take up, make sure you enjoy it. Running to get a good time or wearing out your calf muscles while cycling is not as fun as it sounds. Put the phone down, the earphones in and give yourself time to work up a sweat.

Author: Leona Kenny

Image Credit: Andrea Piacquadio on Pexel