If the correlation between excessive sun exposure and skin cancer isn’t enough to prompt you to increase your SPF use, there are far more benefits to wearing SPF daily. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, an estimated “90% of skin ageing is caused by the sun.” The sun’s rays are known to accelerate the onset of sagging skin, and wrinkles.

Now that I have your attention, here are the top 3 facial sun creams that your skin needs:

La Roche-Posay: Anthelios
Whilst La Roche-Posay products are slightly more expensive than your standard drugstore brand,
they’re entirely worth it. Their Anthelios range comes in multiple different formulas, ranging between
SPF30 and SPF50. The Ultra-light Invisible Fluid Sun Cream SPF50, in particular, has a lightweight
consistency that sinks into the skin and doesn’t clog pores. It gives the skin a healthy glow, which
isn’t slightly greasy. It also comes in incredibly sleek packaging, which is so convenient to pop into
your bag, or pocket for on the go, après-mask touch-ups.
Available at Boots for €19.99

Avene: Very High Protection
Avene is another one of those brands that sits on drugstore shelves, but doesn’t necessarily sit with
drugstore prices. Regardless, their SPF formulas are impeccable. A lot of people tend to steer away
from facial sun cream application because of the fear of clogged pores. That can no longer be a valid
argument. The Cleanance SPF50+ Sun Cream for Blemish-prone Skin is specifically formulated for
those of us with oily skin. An ingredient called monolaurin helps to remove excess sebum from the
skin, and zinc gluconate helps to soothe redness. This formula is waterproof, for Summer beach trips
and eventually, lounging by swimming pools when holidays abroad are permitted.
Available at Boots for €19.99

Garnier: Ambre Solaire

If you’re looking for a more inexpensive way to protect your skin, look no further than Garnier’s Ambre Solaire collection. This range offers SPF with a slightly thicker consistency, however there are options if that’s not something you want in a sun cream. The Sensitive Hydrating Hypoallergenic

Face Sun Cream Mist SPF50 is a lightweight formula that offers hydration as well as sun protection, the perfect combination. This hypoallergenic sun cream is ideal for sensitive skin, and boasts a Vitamin E formula which can be “applied over makeup”.

Available at Boots for €9

Additional Protection

There are a couple of honorable mentions when it comes to the sun cream department. It is just as important to protect the skin on your lips from dehydration caused by the sun. The Bondi Sands Coconut Lip Balm SPF50 is just as comfortable as a standard lip balm formula, but will work wonders to protect your lips (Superdrug, €7.99).

If the likelihood is that you won’t be wearing some sort of hat while in the sun, you might want to cast your eye towards the Malibu SPF30 Scalp Protector. This sun cream mist is quick and easy to use and will protect the delicate skin on your scalp. The formula is non-greasy, and it doesn’t affect the appearance of whatever hairstyle.

Author: Emma Costigan

Image Credit: Pexel Moose Photos